We create digital environments, enhanced with Augmented Reality layers for large-scale online events and presentations as well as TV-show and series.


Days of production


Virtual environments



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Introducing Virtual Production Studio into the entertainment and business events, AltSpace XR has established the graphics quality standard in the national creative industries.


Creative Development

Creation of visual and scenic concept of the project for online events, presentations, TV shows, and advertisement filming.

Virtual Production

Development of immersive digital environments on the basis of Unreal Engine 4.

Technical Supervising

Technical supervision of content production, set-up configuration, as well as hardware and software operation.

Strategic Consulting

Consulting targeted on market trends, goal setting, strategy and project plan development.


What is virtual production?

Virtual Production (VPS) is a new generation technology used in the production of films, TV series and shows, as well as online events.

The technology combines high-resolution LED screens, camera tracking and rendering to create an exciting virtual environment that is visible in real time on set and is filmed directly on the camera.

Use of technology

VPS is now an integral and growing part of film and television production.

Its popularity has soared in the last few years, partly because of the desire of cinematographers to shoot visual effects in real time instead of waiting for post-production finalisation. 

Virtual Production

VPS allows the camera crew and the actors to see what they are creating in real time and to make adjustments as the work progresses.

A 3D scene immersing the actor in virtual space gives an advantage over the chromakey in terms of quality and production time.

Also, there is an increase in the production of film material - from only a few minutes per shift to a few hours per day, which in turn significantly reduces the production budget.


We are multifunctional specialists who use their wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise to create metaphors for the ideas and demands of our clients.


CEO & Creative Director


Production Producer


Creative Producer


Project Manager


Art Director




UE4 Tech Lead


CG Generalist

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